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U-11, USB Disk GPS Tracker, GSM 2G, Tracker/Voice Monitor/Recording, 365GPS/ TF Card,SMS&APP Control
Item ID #U-11
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Brief Introduction:
Upload Time : 2018-06-23
1. Prepare a nano sim card which compatible 2G GSM With GPRSnetwork,
1SMS operation
000#your phone number#  ( set your phone number as admin nubmer, you can call this device for audio monitor )
333    (to start voice-activated function. The device will call admin number once some voice detected around it)
777    (to start vibration alarm function. The devie will call admin number if any vibration. )
999    (To get location information.)
111  (Voicerecording,Store in TF Card, WAV 128kbps)
444  (Format TF Card)
555   (To turn off all function)
666(vibration alarm SMS to binding number)
SYSRST(Reset devices)
2SMS commands
2.1 Restore default password: “pwrst”
2.2 APN settings:“APN#parameter#account#password#”
2.3 Remote Restart:“SYSRST”
APP Tracker
APP Name: “365gps”   Support ios&android.
ID Number: IMEI Number  PW:123456