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HD-P20, Wire 4.3 inch Endoscop Camera, HD1080P/ 2.0MP Camera, 4.3inch LCD, TF Max 32G, Video/Photo
Item ID #HD-P20
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Price: $28.00€24.79£22.40AU$36.12CA$36.68S$37.90¥2940.00HK$217.55
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Brief Introduction:
Upload Time: 2019-09-02
4.3inch LCD Wire Endoscope Camera.
No need to download software, plug and play
1, Build in 4.3inch LCD Display
2, Camera Calbe 2meters
3, Built in 2.0MP Camera, 3.9mm lens diameters.
4, Support TF Max 32G
5, Video/Photo Recording
6, Battery Capacity 2000mAh
7, Built in 6pcs White LED Nightvision